My Practice

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Charles R. Spicer, M.S., M.B.A.
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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

If I can provide a certain type of relationship, the other will discover within themselves a capacity to use that relationship for growth and change, and personal development will occur.”
Carl Rogers

My approach to therapy is based upon a foundation of mutual trust, respect, warmth, openness and a strong commitment to working towards agreed upon objectives and goals. Without a strong and secure connection no therapy can be effective. Therapy is both educational and experiential. I practice therapy with what I call a ‘coaching edge,’ that is with a focus on action and behavior change.

I believe that we each have an innate drive towards growth, wholeness, maturity, connectedness and self-actualization. I also believe that our earliest experiences determine, to a significant degree, how this drive is expressed and directed. .

I also believe that people, marriages and families can change and that whatever our background or current challenges we all can become more whole, loving and effective in life, love and work.

Individual Therapy

My work with individual clients is oriented around relieving emotional distress, finding solutions to common problems, and improving relationships. Our work together helps foster both acceptance of what can’t be changed and a commitment to changing what we can.  I enjoy facilitating a life actively committed to chosen values and beliefs.

People come to me because . . .

They are experiencing painful emotions such as: anxiety, fear, worry, sadness, anger, loneliness, hopelessness.

They are experiencing significant problems in life: work/career, finances, health, life balance, personal fulfillment, spirituality.

They are experiencing difficulties in key relationships: marriage, family, extended family, friends, workplace.

Couple Therapy

I believe that committed relationships, especially marriage, represent one of life’s best opportunities for growth and change. But committed relationships can be intense, confusing, and extremely challenging.

My work with couples focuses on finding common ground, uncovering and acknowledging differences, increasing compassion, effectively managing stress, and finding new, positive ways of loving and interacting. Throughout our work the emphasis is on increasing understanding, objectivity, acceptance and responsibility for individual growth and change and letting go of trying to change your partner.

Couples come to me because of . . .

Low commitment        High conflict       Poor communication       Past wounds       Little intimacy       Differing visions

Family Therapy

I believe that families form the foundation of both society and culture and that they are the prime influencer/shaper of how we first come to see ourselves and our place in the world. Families can have both a positive and negative impact on our development. Improving family life leads to greater levels of personal and relational security and safety and sets the foundation for more joyful, effective living.

My work with families focuses on changing the emotional climate, improving relational patterns and processes, overcoming resistance to change, deepening connections, uncovering strengths, respecting autonomy, and moving towards a positive vision for family life. My work with families leads to greater levels of engagement, respect, acceptance, support and love through both learning and experience.

Families come to me because of . . .

Hight levels of stress, tension and conflict      Poor communication       High levels of avoidance and estrangement

Parenting challenges       Substance abuse issues       Mental health challenges