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As a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and caring therapist my passion is for helping my clients get to the root of their problems by understanding how their past influences the present, understanding their thinking, emotional, and relational worlds, and deciding how they want to change in order to grow and thrive.

Individual Psychotherapy

Men: Relationships, family of origin, parenting, emotional intelligence, phase of life, work/career, work/life balance, identity, behavior

Women: Relationships, family of origin, parenting, emotional intelligence, phase of life, work/career, co-dependence, identity

Couple Therapy

Conflict, trust/commitment, connectedness, personality, stress, parenting, infidelity, pre-marital/pre-engagement

Family Therapy

Communication, conflict, personality, differences, closeness, flexibility


In my work with clients I artfully blend a variety of approaches to therapy that work towards short term and long term goals.  How I work with my clients depends on the specific needs of the individual, couple or family.  Basically, I like to take a collaborative approach to treatment planning and interventions.  A few of the approaches that I have experience with include:   

Multi-generational: focusing on how one is shaped by the family they grew up in.   
Family Systems: focusing on understanding circular causes of behavior within the marriage, family and greater community.
Existential: focusing on how effectively one is dealing with the realities of life and moving towards a greater sense of personal authenticity.
Humanistic: focusing on the conditions needed for growth, enhanced self-worth and the actualization of human potential.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

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