For me - when it comes to successful outcomes - it’s the relationship that counts.  I strive to connect with my clients and create the kind of environment they need to understand themselves better, grow, and move toward desired changes.  With each of my clients I provide an environment of safety, trust, and unconditional acceptance.

Potential benefits of psychotherapy include:

• The development of personal insight
• An increase in one's capacity for taking action
• A more secure sense of identity
• An increase in self-esteem
• An improvement in the ability to recognize and handle feelings
• A greater sense of self-cohesion
• An expansion of the capacity to love and work
• A greater ability to depend appropriately on others
• An increased sense of serenity, joy and pleasure

Office hours

Monday through Thursday: afternoons and evenings

Friday and Saturday: mornings

1400 Quail Street, Suite 210, Newport Beach, CA 92660

(714) 356-7061 

Charles R. Spicer, M.S., M.B.A.
​Center for Growth and Change, Inc.


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Individual, Couple and Family Therapy

Welcome to my website!  I am so glad you took the time to visit.  Please take a few minutes to look around.  My hope is that you get to know me bit, learn about the services I offer and how I work with my clients, discover some helpful resources, and take next steps in your growth and change process.

To begin with, you should know that marriage and family therapists are highly trained mental health professionals equipped to diagnose and treat clients with a wide spectrum problems and issues, many of them stemming from unresolved interpersonal or family of origin issues. 

Whether working with individuals, adolescents, couples or families, I practice focused psychotherapy – skillfully combining a variety of therapeutic approaches to resolve emotional and relational problems in the shortest amount of time possible.

I am also qualified to work with persons where more intensive, long-term care is necessary to treat mental, relational or emotional conditions.